How to stay entertained during the quarantine

Sarah Shapiro

It’s a stressful time for us villagers and we need to find something positive to occupy our time, so here’s a list of things to keep you entertained during our coronacation!


  1. Exercise: go outside and stay active. Go on a family bike ride or even take a walk at a park near you.
  2. Meditate: lookup meditation on YouTube. It can calm you down during these stressful times.
  3. Netflix: Netflix is always a go-to. Some of my Netflix recommendations are “criminal minds,” “on my block,”and “shameless.”
  4. FaceTime with friends: since we’re all on quarantine, call your friends instead of meeting up in person.
  5. Spend time with your family: rent a movie, or even play a board game.
  6. Tiktok: put your dancing skills to good use. Be careful though, because you’ll probably end up scrolling through the app for hours.
  7. Clean your room: take the time we have off to reorganize your room. A clean room will result in less stress and more organized thoughts.
  8. Start a project: maybe there’s a project you’ve been wanting to start for a while but haven’t had time to do it, but now you have all the time in the world. Paint your room, start an arts and crafts project, or learn to play the guitar.
  9. Listen to some music: find a new artist to listen to and discover new types of music.
  10. Bake or Cook: find a new recipe that you can make and upload pictures and the recipe so others can try it out.