There are common misconceptions that come to mind about the topic of feminism. Just like there are different opinions on most controversial ideas, feminism has its different points of views. America as a society has come a long way from its stereotypical gender roles.

For decades, people have suffered their fair share of being degraded and having their rights taken away. From the earliest of times, women would be the ones to bear children, cook, clean, and keep their husbands happy. So all of this ranting, and I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t know what feminism actually is. Feminism isn’t the hatred of men, feminism is the want to equal the standards and have the same opportunities as them. Men who state what they want and don’t let anyone stop them are seen as determined and head-strong, but when a woman acts like that she’s seen as stubborn and agressive. What prompts us to view people like this? Just because of our anatomy, it changes how we treat people?

Women’s right to vote wasn’t put into place until 1920. That’s only 95 years of “equality” for women. History is a huge part of how life is today. All over the world from the earliest of times, there have been standards that women had to strive to reach. We had to look pretty, act proper, speak well, and take care of our families. Being a women myself, I look up to so many female figures that are the epitome of power and breaking out of the restraints of society such as Jane Austen, Malala Yousafzai, and J.K. Rowling. All these strong inspirational women have stood up for what they believed in and broken boundaries of gender standards. Feminism is important to me because the idea gives me a sense of empowerment and pushes me to fight for other women in the world such as Saudi Arabia.

Overall, feminism is a beautiful thing that women should feel proud to be a part of. I’m proud to be a feminist and to be someone who recognizes the harsh realities of what certain people have gone through. No matter what gender, race, ethnicity, or sexuality, I believe that the rights we have as a human beings shouldn’t be any less acceptable just because of traits we can’t control. I am proud to be a feminist.