New NYS Global Regents Ask Students to Think in New Ways

Joanna Flores

The 2019 Global History Regents exam will be held June 3rd and is a new version of the test. It has been changed to focus primarily on document analysis, testing students’ ability to gather, use, and interpret evidence. The test is made up of 28 multiple-choice questions, two sets of Constructed Response Questions, and one extended ‘Enduring Issues’ essay.

The review book given to every student at Village school in the Global 10 class to learn and study from for the new 2019 regents.
The main and primary textbook for Global history and geography throughout the United States.

The new exam was first approved by the members at the June 2016 Board of Regents meeting, that the year’s between June 2017-2018 will be the transitions year of practice Regents exams. In the transition process, the state will collect the results data from the exams, then provide it to educators across the state in order to implement a new social studies framework. However, it was later decided that the current design will remain the same and cover content from 1750 to the present day, which is different from before in that the older exam covered the beginning of time to present day.

Opinions on the new exam from Jeff, Global History Teacher

“What makes the new Global Regents most different from past exams?”

“ [Now] it’s more about document and analysis than it is about dates, name, places, and ideas.

“When the state changes the Regents does it affect the way you teach your students?

“ It has to…”

“Do you think your students in your current Global 10 class will pass the new regents exam?”

“I’m expecting that they will all do well.”

— Jeff Bernstein (Global 10 teacher)

Asking students: How are you feeling about taking the test?

“Nervous but just ready to get it over with.”

“I don’t care what will be on the exam but I just hope that I’ll pass!”

“I’m going to so pass the exam…”


“I’ll try my best [but] won’t promise anything….”

The 2019 Global History & Geography II regents will get first administered on June 3rd, 2019 to all Global 10 students across New York state.

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