Sands Point Preserve Trip Recap


Charles Rabus, Editor

Just last week we went on a trip to Sand Point Preserve. On this trip we took a “hike” (it was really just a walk) on the property of the Hempstead House, walked down to the beach where we ate lunch, and took a lap around the castles beautiful garden before diving into the gift store. The Hempstead House is an old Gold Coast mansion, designed and built by architects Hunt & Hunt in 1912. The 50,000 square foot mansion has three stories, 40 rooms, and features granite and Indian limestone. Built on the Guggenheim Estate, this Tudor-style castle served as a summer house for the family where they hosted all sorts of grand events.

While many students complained about the hike through the property their complains quickly washed away as we caught a glimpse of the beach below. As soon as we finished our walk we headed down to the water where some students climbed onto a rock ledge (that specifically said not to climb on) and ate lunch. We had a few hours to kill and while most students spent this time talking to their peers or looking out into the ocean, the one and only Andrew Allen spent his time practicing his bouldering skills.

Once we finished up by the beach we headed back towards the house and cooled on the shade before taking a lap around the massive house and admiring the beautifully maintained garden. We headed back to the entrance and ducked into the small, yet cute, gift shop before boarding the busses and heading back to Village.