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Ethan Han, posing during the SoCal Showdown
A Long Shot Worth Shooting
Han-Ah Kang March 30, 2022
New social studies teacher, Lisa Holz
Teacher Spotlight: Lisa Holz
Shay Rivera February 17, 2022
Exploring Whats Wrong With the Green Energy Initiative: Article 1
Exploring What's Wrong With the Green Energy Initiative: Article 1
Matt Lazaro May 17, 2022

Going Green: An Introduction Alright let’s start this article off by saying I believe in global warming, I believe that it is a threat and...

Visual Arts at Harvard University
Visual Arts at Harvard University
Shay Rivera April 7, 2022

Visiting Harvard University? Check out the Carpenter Center! From February 4th to April 10th, there is an exhibition on Candice Lin, a visual...

Why I Got Banned From The Microsoft Store
Why I Got Banned From The Microsoft Store
Ethan Han March 30, 2022

Taking a coding class at the Microsoft store was not something I had wanted to do. My mother had forced me to be there -- and because I was 12,...

Osamu Dazais No Longer Human is a timeless modern classic, ranking as the second best-selling novel of all time in Japan. Though originally published in 1948, the novels raw portrait of mental health and the struggle to fit in remains just as relevant in todays society.
‘No Longer Human’ by Osamu Dazai: My Searing Wake-Up Call
Jenny Jia March 29, 2022

I am unashamed to say that, these days, I’ve been overindulging myself in depressing East Asian literature. Last week, I finished A Pale View...

The Sioux tribe, shown above, is what most people think of as the typical Native American tribe.
Class Spotlight: Native American
Charles Rabus, Editor • April 7, 2022

Native American, a social studies elective taught by Sam Yellis, is an intriguing class that dives much deeper into Native American history...

Class Spotlight: Forensics
Class Spotlight: Forensics
Mimi March 4, 2022

A As always, Village School has so many unique and interesting classes to offer. This semester, the science elective, Forensics is one of them! ...

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