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May 20, 2024

Why Jojo Siwa’s Rebrand Failed

How this once beloved child star fell out of favor with the public

Some people know Jojo Siwa as the blonde-bow obsessed girl from “Dance Mom”, but recently this once beloved child star has fallen out of favor with the public.

me with jojo when I was in 5th grade

During quarantine, Jojo decided to ditch the bows and start transitioning into an adult. However, the transition progressed way too quickly. Unlike Miley Cyrus who to started the transition from child star to adult pop icon in 2010 with the release of “Can’t Be Tamed,”she didn’t fully make the transition until 3 years later with the “Bangerz” era. This was a much more thought out transition that helped Miley ditch the “Hannah Montana” persona and become the Miley we know today. On the contrary, right after Jojo said she was ditching the bows she was posting Draco Malfoy thirst traps while she was half naked in her bed. Thats not a joke, she actually posted a video of herself dressed as Draco Malfoy half naked. After her Draco thirst trap, she appeared on “Dancing With The Stars”. This was her first big adult project and in all honestly she was actually really good. She made history as the first same sex couple on the shows history with her dance partner Jenna. The pair got second, even though they should have won that season. Following her time on DWTS, people couldn’t wait to see what she would do next

screen shot of Jojo’s Draco Malfoy TikTok

Before “Dancing With The Stars” Jojo had posted a TikTok in which she came out as a lesbian. Many people, especially those who are part of the LGBTQ community saw this as an opportunity to help change the false narratives that the community has been defined by.  Especially since her audience was mainly children, she could help dismantle these false narratives in young children. I even thought wow imagine all the good that can be done if someone in the LGBTQ community had such a huge audience with young children, maybe children could learn what the LGBTQ community represents and be proud ally’s like me!

Jojo has since claimed that she “invented gay pop” which has insulted many members of the community she claims to represent. As Village Student El said, “Jojo claims to represent the LGBTQ community, but she’s actually hurting it.” Her hurtful actions towards the LGBTQ community have only made her downfall worse.

Jojo’s most recent controversy is her new song. For a month she has been teasing her song on TikTok with a very aggressive dance that has become a meme. The song is called “Karma” but it’s nothing like Taylor’s Swift song “Karma”, Jojo’s karma is not the guy on the chiefs but is a 4.8 magnitude earthquake.

(Speaking on Jojo’s music video) I’m a victim

— Kaylee

Before the song actually came out, she was posting photos of herself in what looks like KISS cosplay and even attended the IHeart Radio Music Awards and her look quickly went viral on social media. She has been trying to push this “bad girl” narrative so  hard it has become so cringy and in-genuine. And the music video left many people, including myself scared.

via: @ViralContentz on x

Her aggressive dancing and attempt to be like Channing Tatum in “Magic Mike” left many people flat out uncomfortable. Many people have said they don’t have an issue with the choreography but instead they have an issue with the way Jojo does it. The way she executed the choreography was way too aggressive and if she just turned it down a little bit it would have been so much better. People have also been vocal about their support for Jojo’s backup dancers especially the one who was wearing red. If you know, you know.

Of course, Abby Lee Miller had to comment on the video and she said that she loved it. So we know there is at least one person who doesn’t hate the video.

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Emma is the designated Village Swiftie.( Lauren seconded that statement!) She enjoys history, especially when she gets to watch Liberty Kids . She is a retired competitive Irish dancer who was once ranked in the top 100 in the region but still does shows and parades, and was even featured dancing in a documentary that aired in Ireland. She loves her dog, Luke, and the musicians One Direction, The Jonas Brothers, Big Time Rush, 5 Seconds of Summer, Hannah Montana and of course, Taylor Swift.

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