Teacher Spotlight: Steve Goldberg


Mar Jacobi

From Teacher to Administrator

Steve Goldberg, Village School principal, was born and raised in East Meadow, NY. He had a good childhood and loved his high school experience. Throughout his high school years, he had many jobs. Steve worked at Taco Bell, was a paperboy, mowed lawns, and worked at 7-11 his junior and senior years. His favorite job though, was probably working at a puppet theater in a park where he composed music for puppet shows. 

Steve first came to Village in 1995, where he worked as a student teacher. “At first, I didn’t like it at all. Village back then was way different compared to what it is now. Education didn’t seem to be much of a priority to the students. The rules were looser compared to now, so behavior management was of primary concern. The students, although awesome, were dealing with challenges in life that were significant and difficult to fix. They had very troubled lives outside of school, and Village was their sanctuary. I did appreciate the staff though, they seemed like warriors, and perhaps they had to be in such an environment. Today, academics are at the forefront as college acceptance has become a priority. I’d say I’m more comfortable in the current environment than the old one. I’m thrilled I stuck it out and stayed here, as this has become one of the most important endeavors in my life.”

In 2000, Steve became the first official Village School principal. His co-workers nominated him to take on the role. It was very unexpected and left him conflicted. He always wanted to be an English teacher, but that was now out of the question. He was flattered that the staff asked him to do it, but he needed to go back to school to obtain his administrative degree at LIU Post, which had not been in his original plans. “However, looking back, I’m thrilled that I took it on. I’m proud of Village, but in truth, I’m grateful for the people I work with, and have worked with in the past. People make schools, and the people I’ve worked with at Village School make Village what it is, along with the people that attend.”

What Inspired Steve to Teach? 

“When I graduated college, I took a year off to play music to make money. To make more, I substitute in high schools, and I realized how much I liked the kids in these classes. When I left law school, I knew that teaching was for me because of the relationships formed with students I’ve experienced as a substitute. I believe Village is the most authentic place an educator can work. That’s been my life ever since, and I’ve only been so happy about it.”

Outside of Village

When Steve is not at school, he’s usually making music. He has an at-home studio and is in a couple of groups. He plays guitar and sings and has been doing that for most of his life. Steve also enjoys watching sports, especially football. He loves to see friends, but most of all, he loves to spend time with his wife. He believes this is the best way he can spend his time. Fun fact! Steve actually met his wife at Village—she was the school psychologist. 

Leaving Village

Unfortunately, Steve will be leaving Village School in 3 years.

“I feel very mixed. I’ll be leaving something I love, and people I love, but if the next chapter is to be, it needs to get started at some point, and education has given me the ‘deadline’ for making a life change. I think about the negative aspect of living more than I thought I would, it’s very hard. It’s not often in life that you leave something you love so dearly. Even if it’s time.”