JoJo Part 9

Release Date and Everything Else You Need to Know


Grant Katz , Supreme Leader

The 9th part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure titled JoJoLands will begin serialization on the 17th of February in the Ultra Jump magazine; it is written and drawn by Hirohiko Araki.

It has been running since 1987, beginning with part 1 Phantom Blood. The series has changed drastically in both story and art. Every part of Jojo has a new main character, usually a descendent of the one prior, and there are always some connections to the previous story. Parts 1-6 and 7-9 are different continuities, with 7-9 taking place in an alternate universe. There are many characters with the same names or similar looks to the previous continuity, but they are not related story- wise.

There was a change in the magazine it’s published in, switching in 2004 from Shonen Jump, a weekly publication, towards the beginning of the 7th part Steel Ball Run, to Ultra Jump, which is a monthly magazine.  The art significantly improved and most would say the story is better.  As for how much that has to do with the magazine switch? It’s debatable.

There hasn’t been much released about part 9, except what the main character and a few others will look like.  In addition, we know that the main character will be a descendant of Joseph and the story will be about, according the publication’s official Twitter account, “A boy who will become very rich in the subtropical islands.” Part 9 is expected to be the final part of the series; Part 8 ran for 10 years from 2011-2021. If part 9 runs for this length, Araki will be 72 when it ends, so he will most likely not start a new part.  However, I believe he might continue publishing the spinoff series, Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe, and possibly other spinoff short stories, although if this does happen, it will likely be infrequent.