New Ride Coming Soon to Busch Gardens


Quinn McCarthy

Busch Gardens, a theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia has been voted as one of the most beautiful theme parks in the United States.  I visit this theme park at least once a year and love all the attractions. The park is 422 acres and is located approximately 60 miles northwest of Virginia Beach.  The park was developed by Anheuser-Busch and it is owned by Seaworld parks and entertainment. The park represents 6 European countries, like England, Scotland, New France, France, Ireland, and Germany. Busch Gardens is constantly changing and updating the rides to keep the park new and innovative.

In the last few years, the park has added a couple new exciting rides. The first ride was a wooden roller coaster called Invadr. It is the park’s first wooden coaster and is made for families, I have been on this ride and think that it is somewhat intense, the scariest part of the ride is the first drop which makes your stomach jump. The second new ride is Finnegan’s Flyer which is essentially a great big swing. This ride is very scary and I have not been on this ride yet.Then last year they opened a new roller coaster called Pantheon which claims the title of the fastest multi-launch coaster. I have not been able to ride this ride yet but hopefully will this summer.

Via AmusementInsider

This year, I am really excited for their new roller coaster called DarKoaster. It will be opening in spring of this year. DarKoaster will be located in the Oktoberfest section of Germany. It will be North America’s first all indoor straddle coaster. It will be a family launch roller coaster. DarKoaster will be replacing the old motion ride, “Escape from DarKastle”, which also replaced an old wild mouse coaster. Its top speed will be 36 mph and its track length will be 2,454 ft. It is being manufactured by Intamin. It will have 4 launches. The coaster will pay tribute to the original DarKastle ride. The park’s president said they wanted to keep a menacing feel to the coaster. For the components of the ride you will be sitting in a snowmobile, you will be exploring the area until a storm starts to brew. There will be effects like strobe lights, loud music, sounds, some projections and some hardscape pieces will be shined on as the ride whips around the elements. I am really excited about this ride because I liked the attraction before this and it will be a great addition to the park.  I might have to skip school for the opening of this ride.