Twenty One Pilots and Their Rise to Fame

Julia Kim

How it All Began

American duo Twenty One Pilots, was started in 2009 by Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih. Eventually, Joseph befriended Joshua Dun the soon to be drummer. Thomas and Salih exited the band, leaving Joseph and Dun as a duo. The two went from playing in front of as few people as 12 to selling out Madison Square Garden three times! The band currently has 5 albums recently releasing their newest album “Trench,” along with a world tour for 2018-2019. The band is now listened to by millions of fans worldwide, selling out arenas, and headlining some of the most popular festivals.

Shows and Fans

At their shows, also known as the “BANDITOUR,” fans camp out days in the freezing cold and or scolding hot weather to get ‘barricade,’ which is front row. Not many fanbases have such dedicated fans, with some even camping out for as long as a week! However, this isn’t just for the prime view of the band. Joseph and Dun are known for interacting with the crowd by coming into the pit during certain songs such as, “Holding Onto You,” “Morph,” and “Trees.” Fans often hold up Joseph during, Holding Onto You,” as he sings the lyrics and also hold up Dun’s platform as he drums in the crowd during the song morph. Crazy, right? Last, but not least, at every show they have a finale which consists of them both coming into the crowd while the fans hold up their platforms and drums as confetti falls over everyone screaming the lyrics to their finale song, “Trees.”

Current Tour

The duo is currently touring worldwide and selling out almost every show as they make their way to Brisbane, Australia, Kiev, Ukraine and then hit the U.S. for the second leg of tour in May/June 2019. Excluding festivals, they will finishing the official Banditour on June 30th in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio.