Jimmy Page’s Signature Guitar is Reborn 50 Years Later

Colby Dell

Fender has just announced a collaboration with one of the most well renounced guitarist of all time– the one and only Jimmy Page.

The project has been dubbed the Limited Edition Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster. It features a near perfect re-creation of the 1959 Telecaster which Page played with the Yardbirds and in Led Zeppelin’s early years. The guitar was originally gifted from Jeff Beck to Page in thanks for getting Beck a spot playing in the Yardbirds. The guitar has gone through its fair share of appearance changes over the years: from the original finish, to mirror decorations, and eventually a painted dragon finish, which is the one seen on stage during a handful Led Zeppelin’s early performances and used when recording their first album, Led Zeppelin I.

Fender has taken on the re-creation of the guitar by doing both the mirrored appearance as well as the dragon artwork in both Custom Shop series and production line guitars not featuring Jimmy Page’s signature. The Custom Shop guitars will by Masterbuilt by Paul Waller, with 50 of each design signed by Page on the back of the headstock along with magnificent hand-painted dragon artwork to fit. While the production guitars won’t be signed or hand-painted, Fender assures that Page will be on board with every spec.