Drowsy Critic


Sleeplessness is a drug that a growing number of people continue to get hooked on. As the world gets more busy, sleep becomes a lot more difficult to follow up on, so many just supplement with caffeine. I’m here to bring to your attention a more than decent list of films that you should probably watch while you’re twiddling your thumbs on the edge of your bed, waiting for the clock’s hands to swing around. All of these titles are sure to keep you awake and reevaluating your life for a good couple days.

Now, I’m not going to front on you and act like these are just suggestions. No, these are the commandments of the Drowsy Critic, so you should probably listen.

  1. The Machinist – Dark and twisted, step into the sleepless mania of a man who doesn’t understand what’s happening to him.

    Nightmare Time
    Nightmare Time
  1. Se7en  – Two Investigators follow the case of a serial killer still at large who justifies his slaughtering of human life with the seven deadly sins. Brace yourself for the end though, it’s a killer.
  1. American Psycho – This film is a lot more enjoyable when it is treated and watched like a comedy. Although the plot is nothing to laugh at, if you take it too seriously, you might feel disgusted with the film by the end.
  1. Requiem For a Dream – Beautiful piece of work depicting the uncontrollable spiral that a couple of New York drug pushers fall into. A tragedy, the film will not fail to leave its mark on you.
  1. Oh you wanted to sleep tonight?
    Oh you wanted to sleep tonight?

    Shutter Island – The lost mind of a marshal visiting a facility for the criminally insane. Probably will mess with your mind on a level deeper than you wanted it to, so be prepared for that.

  1. Silence of the Lambs – Thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Detective employs the help of an incarcerated murderer to help her solve an ongoing investigation. The ending is very satisfying and you fall in love with Hannibal (murderer) by the conclusion, almost forgetting his animalistic tendencies.

* I am not responsible for any permanent trauma.  Juicy won’t be sorry son.