How to Be Outside, but Not Really—Quarantine Edition

Carolyn Liu

The national stay-at-home order has forced the entire country to stay home for the past two months since March. Going anywhere seems to be a danger, such as parks, beaches, and stores. Nowadays at supermarkets, shoppers are forced to practice social distancing and stand at least six feet apart from another. Everyone misses going outside and enjoying a nice walk without fearing that the virus might be lurking around. However, there might be a convenient remedy on YouTube.

Ambient ASMR videos could take you outside, but not really. Creators of channels such as ‘Ambience of Yesteryear’ and ‘Miracle Forest’ publish videos that take viewers to a desired setting by sound. For example, if one wishes to be in a library room, then all one has to do is click on a ambience video of a library. In the video, creators put sounds of writing, typing, page turning, and the burning of a fireplace so that the viewer could imagine being in an actual library room without going there physically.

The creators of these videos take their creativity to places unimagined. Not only are there videos of ambience of a gamer’s room or a candle maker’s shop, but more creative one‘s such as the ambience of a space house or sounds from a rooftop in Tokyo. These inventive creations allow viewers to be somewhere that they have never been through sound and imagination. For me, videos that take me a library of the Edwardian period in England or a magical tearoom are the most relaxing to listen to.