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May 20, 2024

Navigating the Unique Village School College Process

Crafting Your College Narrative

As students navigate their individual paths beyond high school, the college application process is a common experience. Here at Village School, the application process differs from the traditional one. In absence of traditional grades, students craft a personal senior narrative, which is essentially a comprehensive portrait of academic and personal growth that embraces both successes and challenges.

You may be thinking, how do I even choose which colleges to apply to?

Before delving into your college search, clarify your preferences. Consider the size of the college – small, medium, or large. Establish a budget for college costs. Decide on the location – in-state, a specific U.S. region, or out of state. Once you’ve defined your criteria, research colleges that align with both your personal and academic aspirations.

It is important to keep a level head when you’re applying. When looking for colleges to apply to, you should see if they have opportunities that other colleges don’t offer

— Sigal Weitzman, senior


Common Application Readiness

Village School students can gain an early advantage in the college application process by creating a Common Application account and filling out general information before the official August 1 opening. Covering details from your name to high school history, this proactive step allows for a strategic start to the application journey.

Planning and organizing your Common Application’s activity list is another essential step. Outline your activities and responsibilities for each, providing a clear overview of your involvement in various pursuits. This approach contributes to crafting a comprehensive and organized final activity list.

“Start ahead of time for the Common app. Filling the section in the Common app will take tedious time, so starting ahead of time allowing you to move onto other aspects of your application.” – Jessie BR (senior)

Visiting College Campuses

Consider exploring virtual or in-person college campus visits. Virtual tours delve into academic offerings, while in-person visits provide an opportunity to assess campus culture and community through unique narratives. It’s never too early to visit campuses, whether you’re highly interested or just slightly intrigued. This exposure allows you to explore various aspects of each college, gaining a clearer sense of what you are or aren’t looking for in a college.

Supplementary Materials for Unique Talents

Lastly, are you active in sports, arts, or another specific specialized program? Some specialized programs might require organizing supplementary materials so understanding each college’s policies is crucial. Students are encouraged to plan ahead, aligning their talents with the distinctive yet compelling application requirements.

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