Breaking News: New Evidence Shows Aliens May Have Been Involved in Building the Pyramids


Charles Rabus, Editor

For hundreds of years, the great pyramids have puzzled historians. How were they built? How did the ancient Egyptians move more than 2.3 million 5,000-pound bricks without modern technology? Let alone precisely carve and lift to the top of the pyramids. Well, new evidence from CBS News shows a high likelihood aliens built the pyramid!

At this time, we are almost positive that extraterrestrial beings were involved in constructing the Pyramids. Although it is still too soon to say definitively.

— Erik Fausse


New tablets found in a recently discovered chamber underneath the Great Pyramid of Giza show what linguists believe to be proof of aliens. The tablets depict a spacecraft-like object lifting the giant bricks and placing them on a partially built pyramid. On a second tablet, a Pharaoh is shown bowing down to a humanoid creature. Because of this, historians from CBS and ABC suggest that the Egyptian gods are based on the extraterrestrial being that brought advanced technologies to Egypt. The ancient Egyptians, still several thousand years behind these alien creatures, saw them as gods and began to worship them. And that the Great Sphinx of Giza was built to thank the aliens for their help in constructing the only surviving ancient wonder of the world.

Information about these extraterrestrials was thought to be stored in the Library of Alexandria before it burnt down sometime around 48 B.C.E. Unfortunately, no official records of the information held in the library were ever kept.

Library of Alexandria Burning

For those who do not know, the Library of Alexandria was an ancient library in Egypt founded by Alexander the Great. The library held the world’s most important scrolls, papers, and inventions. It is estimated to have contained over half a million documents from ancient nations such as Greece, Persia, Egypt, and India. It was home to over 100 scholars that would spend the day researching, lecturing, and translating documents. In 48 B.C.E., it was unintentionally burned down by none other than Julius Caesar. No one really knows how far back the burning of the library set us back, but some estimate it to be between just a few years all the way up to 1,000 years.

While we will likely never know how exactly the pyramids were built, as archeologists uncover more from the secret chambers, we may begin to build a better understanding of the involvement of these alien creatures.


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