A Half- Serious Examination of Scene Queens


By Jared Gomberg

Alert to scene queens: "Of Mice & Men" aren not punk rock.
Alert to scene queens: “Of Mice & Men” aren not punk rock.

I’m sure most of you have met at least one scene queen. If you don’t know what a scene queen is, here’s a definition: scene queen (seen • kween) (n) – One who constantly complains to, annoys and expects sympathy from those who either don’t care, don’t want to get involved, or just anyone they can make feel bad for them.

 Scene kids claim to be “what’s left of the punk scene,” but I doubt it. First of all, there’s still some punk rock out there. Not only that, the punk scene never died. I myself dress punk, like punk rock, etc., but that doesn’t make me “scene”.  No, scene queens don’t even listen to punk rock. Black Veil Brides, Sleeping with Sirens, Of Mice & Men and blessthefall aren’t punk rock. I recall being at the mall, watching three teens, obviously scene due to their glam-style semi-punk look combined with the band t-shirts they were wearing. They looked as if they were trying to look punk, one was sitting on the railing in the food court, and worst of all, they were wearing glamcore band shirts, thinking they were wearing metal/punk/metalcore t-shirts, but glamcore is far from punk rock. They looked like posers.

I don’t hate scene queens, they just annoy me with their constant whining about things like “oh, my life is so hard, my mom didn’t let me go to that ‘Rip my Heart out and Eat it’ concert. I’m gonna go sit and cry because I want someone to feel bad and comfort me.” Please, if you see scene queens, don’t speak to them, they are very sensitive and may or may not be offended and cry.

Don’t be scene.


*Scene queen is not a sexist term, scene queens are both male/female*