One Teen’s Experience During the Pandemic


By Noah Castillo

The first time I heard about COVID was when I was at home and my mom came into my room and said, “Noah, I want you to be extra careful and cautious. There is a disease that will affect all people right now, and you are at very high risk.” Then, I asked my mom how high of a risk was, and she replied,“Noah, it affects the lungs and you have a bad lung.”  I was nervous about how this disease would affect me and my family.  I tried to look on the bright side- that it would allow me to spend more time with my family who I love and who I never  thought I would get tired of being with.  But, I should have known that that would get old real quick!

Soon, everything was shut down by the government to ensure everyone’s safety. A  few months into quarantine, we had stocked up on so much meat, our entire freezer was full! Then, the worst thing happened– high winds caused our power to go out. It was the worst. It was out for an entire week and to make matters worse, it was hot. We had to go to my dad’s fathers house for air conditioning because it was so hot, but my mom stayed home because she had to take care of the dogs. After a week the power came back: we had survived a hellish week. At this point, we were about five months into the terrible quarantine, but looking back, I think I was maturing just a bit. 

Things continued to be difficult as time moved forward: we couldn’t really go outside and there was even a curfew where I lived and the police would scout the area to see if people were outside or trying to go out! When it came to mask wearing, my family and I didn’t mind wearing a mask– doing so meant we could sort of live life more normally. I guess you don’t think about all the freedom you have until it’s taken away from you. During these months, I started to get better at things and paid more attention to current events. 

When I heard that the vaccine was approved for kids ages 12-16, I was really excited. Just knowing I would be safe from COVID was such a relief; I could finally go out to restaurants without worrying about getting myself or anyone else sick. The day I got the shot I was nervous and excited, but also worried. The thing that worried me the most were the possible side effects: I didn’t know what it would do to me.  Finally, I got my shot and it hurt less than the flu shot, which was amazing. Now that I have my first dose,  I feel more safe in the world. I still have to get my second dose, but I am closer to the finish line and being fully protected. 

It has been a long ride, but I am glad we all have finally made it to the other side.