Village School holds its first Credit Board in two years


Han-ah Kang

On January 25th and 26th, Village School held its first Credit Board since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the declining cases, Village decided to run Credit Boards live and in-person.

Village school, an ungraded school, uses the Credit Board system to determine the amount of credit a student has earned in a semester. Students present their learning over the course of the semester to a small group of peers and teachers, and after this presentation, leave the room wherein the Board deliberates as to whether the student earned full, half, or no credit in each class. After a vote, the student in question returns and learns the results.

As an alternative school, Village does not depend solely on assessments or statistics to evaluate students.  They also focus on student engagement, work ethic, participation, and evidence of authentic learning.  It is a time-honored and sacred process dating back to the beginning of Village over fifty years ago.

However, due to the pandemic, Village has been unable to hold Credit Boards for two years. Complications arose with remote classes and the ability to gather.

I admire their bravery to put themselves in front of their teachers and peers and take accountability for their learning.

— Lisa Holz, social studies teacher.

In 2022, with all students attending Village live and in person each and every day, the Credit Board process was made possible once again. For most students, this was their first experience with Credit Boards.

Sigal Weitzman, a sophomore, said, “I was nervous and slightly intimidated, but when I actually I did my Credit Board, I realized I was just overthinking it and the reason why it went so well is because Village is so supportive.”

Students weren’t the only ones experiencing Credit Board for the first time. Social studies teacher, Lisa Holz, a new addition to Village, remarked,  “Because it was my first time, I didn’t know what to expect, but the students blew me away and exceeded my expectations.”As of right now, Credit Boards are projected to take place after every semester for both students and staff.