5 Reasons to Visit San Diego


Han-ah Kang

With the chilly and mucky winters in New York, it’s understandable to want to get away. San Diego offers a haven for those stuck at home blasting the heaters. With the seashore city only barely reaching the fifties in the winter and typically reaching high seventies in the summer, San Diego is an ideal vacation spot all year round. Even if the perfect weather isn’t enough to convince you, San Diego offers so many additional reasons to book a trip. Here’s five reasons why you should travel to San Diego!

#1 The Food

Filled with a variety of cuisines, San Diego is a must for all food lovers! From Thai to Italian and Mexican food, there’s something for everybody. Seafood dishes are often served at this Oceanside city, but there’s no limit to the delicious designations    to dine in. One of my favorites was Bobboi’s freshly made gelato!

#2 Fun for the Family

 Even when traveling with children or the elderly, San Diego is an ideal destination for all. On public access shores, not only children, but also adults of all ages will be intrigued by the abundance of seal families basking right in front of them! Old Town is also a perfect neighborhood to explore with the family. The historic town allows visitors to partake in Mexican culture with Mexican food, mariachi bands, folklorico dancers and hand crafted goods. These buildings look straight out of the 1800’s, with its saloon and ranch themed shops and restaurants.

#3 Abundance of Art

Art galleries can be found on so many of San Diego’s streets, especially La Jolla. These art galleries always have something unique to look at. Simply taking a stroll around the neighborhood can lead you to a new exhibit. Some of the most famous art can be found in the Legends Gallery, filled with reproductions of Suess’ work and Tom Everhart’s Snoopy artworks.

#4 The Shopping


If you love shopping, you’ll be enchanted by San Diego’s charming shops and boutiques. Offering many antique treasures and handmade goods, these streets will have you reaching for your wallets. Unique souvenirs like no other made by local small business will pull you in.

#5 The Beach Of Course!

Last, but definitely not least the beach is a must visit in the seashore city! Boasting beautiful variations of blue teal, the beaches there are gorgeous. Kayaking on these beaches is a must, with some tours even taking you to see wondrous caves. The occasional wave makes the ride thrilling, but not too rough for those traveling with young ones. If traveling in the winter, wear a wetsuit because even the sunny city’s waters can get chilly time to time.

One could drone on and one about the wonders of San Diego’s charms but here are five reasons summed up about the city’s beauty and also fun packed adventure. Now go book your tickets and pack your bags!