The Batman: The Hero Gotham Needs


Jack Galowski

At last! The newest installment of the Batman franchise has finally hit theaters and it does not disappoint.

First, Some Context

The Batman was originally being written and directed by Ben Affleck in Zack Snyder’s “Synderverse.” However, after Snyder left Justice League due to a family tragedy, the film was then reshot (and butchered, in my opinion) by Josh Whedon. During this time, Whedon clashed with all members of the cast including Affleck, who was going through a divorce at the time. Disgusted by the director and Warner Brothers, Affleck left The Batman leaving the job to his partner, Matt Reeves. Reeves, who previously directed the successful Planet of the Apes Trilogy, wanted to focus the movie more on the detective aspect of Batman and his universe. After all, Batman is the worlds greatest detective. But with Affleck out of the picture, who would play the lead character? Well, Reeves had someone in mind.

A Brooding Batman

I will be the first to state this: people have a problem comparing The Dark Knight to every other superhero movie. Yes, the movie is great, but this latest film might be a challenger to its throne. Each Batman iteration and its directors have their own style. Micheal Keaton took cues from German Expressionism in styling Gotham City, Bale’s films tried to be as realistic as possible, far from the style of the comics, and Affleck’s Frank Miller-esque lens created a Batman who lost his hope for the world. But Robert Pattinson’s interpretation feels like what a young Batman should be: a broken, lost soul trying to put fear into the hearts and minds of Gotham’s criminals. Pattinson is very believable as someone who you would is a man who would dress up at night as a bat.

Remember when Gotham City had a gothic style to it in Tim Burton’s movies, and wasn’t just Chicago or Detroit or just even Pittsburg with costumed villains? Well now that Gotham is back. And this version shows you it’s the most crime ridden city in them world. How it’s urine soaked hell hole with its people crying for a savior. The movie shows how deep the corruption goes, from the mayor to street cops, from the DA to the commissioner, almost everyone is to afraid to stand up in and fight for the city. Batman is scene as a crazy vigilante taking the law in his own hands, with Riddler even saying there more alike then Batman would like to realize. He’s still trying to find his footing as the cities protector, and many cops and civilians do not trust him.

Credit to the Cast

Paul Dano is probably the best Riddler we’ve seen yet, his appearance his heavily inspired by the real life Zodiac killer, even saying this is the riddler speaking, a cleaver nod to the “this is the Zodiac speaking,” which has long since became a sort of catchphrase for the killer. Like the Zodiac, Riddler leaves different clues at the scenes of all the different murders, even live-streaming him torturing his victims. Colin Farrell is unrecognizable as the penguin, portraying him as a old school gangster under his boss Carmine Falcon, instead of  the more super-villainy and disturbed portrayal in Batman returns. Catwoman is much more of an anti hero in this film, portrayed by Zoe, who is looking for her missing friend which leads her to team up with Batman. Jim Gordon is still a lower rant police lieutenant and is one of the few good cops left in Gotham who isn’t on the payroll. He and Batman are very much partners in this film and even say that he only trusts Bruce. While Alfred’s role is short in the movie, he still leaves a heavily impact on the story, as sort of a father figure for Bruce.

Speaking of Bruce, he is not the usual billionaire playboy, but instead a reclusive  loner who spends all his time as Batman, out in the streets fighting criminals and solving crimes. He doesn’t want to even be apart of Wayne Enterprise wish is brought up by Alfred. But there something else that Robert does that makes him different then all the others who have worn the cowl. He has rules, ones that he can’t break. He won’t use guns and he. Will not. Kill. Something that every Batman has somewhat ignored. Keaton killed, Affleck killed, even Bale killed! But this Batman understands there’s a line– one that you cannot cross. He actually values human life. That is why he’s The Batman.

Final Review: 4.9/5