Student Spotlight: Cassie Pittoni


Shay Rivera

During the second semester, seniors have the option to participate in internships. Cassie took this opportunity to intern at South Middle School, with Rob Zahn. Mr. Zahn is the director of GNPS TV. He also teaches television and filmmaking at South. Responsibilities as an intern with Mr. Zahn include editing, helping to teach a class, and working on projects. Cassie enjoys learning new things about filmmaking, “[Mr. Zahn] is always eager for me to learn more and participate in any projects they are working on. I love his compassion, creativity, ideas, authority, passion, and sense of humor, but one of my favorite things about working with him is his spontaneity.”

Cassie admires good storytelling and this led to her being interested in going to college for film. Her top choices for college are Vassar and Swathmore; Vassar has many notable alumni such as Lisa Kudrow, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, and Jason Blum.

Cassie is assisting editing and filming projects with students and Mr. Zahn, as well as working on her own independent projects. A goal for the time she spends at South is to know significantly more than she did when she started.