A Summer Off? Perhaps It’s Time to Reconsider



For teenagers, there are many benefits to having a summer job. Having a summer job helps with a lot of important skills that teenagers will need as adults. One important skill is time management. Working over the summer will help teenagers learn to prioritize and plan different tasks that they have to complete on a daily basis. Working over the summer will also help teenagers build a resume. It is important to have work experience on a resume because it’ll be easier to obtain future employment. Another reason why having a summer job is beneficial is because it will help teenagers learn about what they like and do not like in a job. Knowing this information will help teenagers choose a career in the future. Another reason why working over the summer is valuable is because teenagers will make new friends and gain professional references, which are important because future employers need to speak to references.

A final reason why having a summer job is useful is because it improves your ability to learn at school. Research from Stanford University has shown that when teenagers work over the summer, they earn higher grades on tests. This study looked at data from 200,000 teenagers.

With these important facts in mind, I decided to survey the students at Village School to see what their summer plans are. I discovered that the majority of students at Village School will be working this summer. Out of the 15 students that responded, 46.7% of students will have paid employment. 6.7% of students will be working in unpaid internships. The following are the types of jobs that the students will have: camp counselor, CIT, and lifeguard.