Home Tour Trip Confirmed and Planned For April


Jack McCarthy

Did you ever wonder what sort of houses the Village teachers students live in?  Well, now you won’t have to because it has been confirmed by The Villager news team that our next school trip will be an all day tour of the homes of teachers and students! 

While the date hasn’t been set, Sam, our trip organizer, said it is likely to be the first Friday in April.  We will begin in Great Neck, first stopping at Sam’s house and then to each student who lives on the north side of town.  We will only have a few minutes for each mini- tour before hopping back on the bus and heading south.   Because we will be on the road for much of the trip, it’s important to pack a quick and easy lunch that can easily be eaten on the bus.

After lunch, a lottery will be held to see which houses to visit for the second half of the trip as we won’t have time for them all.  While there probably won’t be enough time to tour all the houses, we will try our best to tour all of them in the time we have. For fairness sake, we will begin with the lower grades’ houses and work our way up from there.

So as a reminder, go home, clean your room, scrub that floor, organize everything, because it could perhaps be your house that we could be visiting on April 1st.

We look forward to new trip and hope that it will become an annual tradition!