Earth Day

Keep calm and reuse reduce and recycle the planet will thank you.


Sufi Rad

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. The senator of Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, organized teach-ins across campuses around the U.S. after people were protesting the Vietnam War and not the damages causes by pesticides, oil spills, and deadly smog. Gaylord did some organizing across college campuses where students would come listen to lectures about the environment and what they wanted Earth day to be. Earth Day is coming up, so Village school is collecting reusable materials such as water bottles, cans, bags, and other usable materials to create an art piece for The Festival of the Arts, held at Village on Wednesday, April 13th. I  strongly believe our school can make an impact on reducing waste by being more mindful of are environmental footprints. Because all materials are unique, options of different art pieces are varied and students are open to share suggestions. In creating art we can bring awareness to the amount of waste we produce. Earth day has inspired real change world wide. In 2011 over 28 million trees were planted for Plant Trees Not Bombs. In 2013 more than 10000 people rode bikes instead of cars to help reduce waste. So please, help us make an impact on saving our Earth.