NFL Changes Postseason Overtime Rules


On Tuesday, March 29, the NFL changed their postseason overtime rules for the first time in twelve years to ensure that each team has possession of the ball in overtime.

The rule was proposed by the Colts and Eagles after Kansas City won a divisional round playoff game against the Buffalo Bills, who were not given a chance to score in overtime.

The rule was approved by the NFL owners. 29 owners were in favor of the new rule, and 3 owners voted against it.

The rule was created to decrease the importance of the coin flip. Statistics of twelve postseason overtimes show that ten out of twelve teams who won the coin flip also won the game.

“There has to be the latest example for change, and that was the last straw that now, hey, we need to move forward and do this,” said Bills Coach Sean McDermott. “It’s the right thing for the game.”