Visual Arts at Harvard University

Shay Rivera

Visiting Harvard University? Check out the Carpenter Center! From February 4th to April 10th, there is an exhibition on Candice Lin, a visual artist from Los Angeles. Her current installment, Seeping, Rotting, Resting, Weeping, is displayed on the 1st and 3rd floors. Her art contains many different mediums such as watercolor, film, ceramics, resin, and hand-dyed rugs and pieces of fabric. The techniques of katazome and tsutsugaki were used to make panels of fabric, rugs, and masks.

The largest piece of this exhibit is a large tent with rugs and a small TV on the floor. Lin invites viewers to enter the tent and sit on the rugs or small ceramic cats that are on the floor, where they can view an animated video created by Lin. The walls of the exhibit are decorated with hand-dyed rugs and in the back, you can find a book of watercolor paintings and drawings as well as hand written passages.