Imagine Dragons

My Top Five Songs


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Jack Galowski

Imagine Dragons have been heavy hitters on the music scene for more than a decade, first rising to fame in 2012 with their hit song, It’s Time. Imagine Dragons combines the elements of pop, rock, and electronic genres in their music and are responsible for chart toppers such as Demons, Natural, now avengers associated whatever it takes and who can forget the post apocalyptic song, radioactive.  So let’s take a deep dive into these masterpieces and choice the best of the best for the Villagers top 5 Imagine Dragons hits.

What Ever it Takes

Released in May of 2017, What ever it takes is an emotional song that carries it’s listeners, motivating them that no matter how many curve balls life at you, you most always have the motivation to move on ahead.


Produced by Alex the kid in 2017, Demons is a heart reaching story of those who believe that there is no good in and world and wants to shelter those from it.



Thunder will show you that no matter what happens in life, never give up when you’re lying down in the dirt.


The newest hit for the band, Enemy is the type of song you want to listen to when you feel like the whole world is against you.



A huge hit and classic from the band, this display of art will lift your spirits to heaven.