Attention DND And Musical Fans!


Jamie Bazarnik

It was recently announced that a brand new, limited time musical will be coming to New York City. The musical, “Here There Be Dragons” is about the classic roleplaying game, Dungeons and Dragons and how it can help you discover your future as well as combat mental struggles.

“Here There Be Dragons” will premier on Thursday, June 16th and run through Sunday, July 17th. The show will be performed at the Player’s Theatre in Manhattan; the showtime is 7:00 PM for all nights.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, their is still a lot to be gained from this show. The show’s main characters are students right before their college graduation. All of their built up fears, anxieties, and obstacles manifest into a magical world of adventure full of monsters, challenges, and difficulties.

This musical is supposed to be very relatable as it talks about life’s challenges in a lighter sense, while still getting the message across. I strongly suggest you go consider purchasing tickets to the show, as it is going to be spectacular.