New Amazing Action Book By Alumnus In the Works!


Jack McCarthy

Village School isn’t very well known to the entire city of Great Neck, let alone the whole of Long Island. Despite word of mouth and numerous news articles written about our school, Village still remains unknown to many. Fortunately, that all is about to change due to a forthcoming book.

Action In Writing

A graduate of Village School, writing under the pen name of Lewis Stein, is writing a new thriller with Village School at the center of the action.  The plot goes as follows: a student at Village discovers a mysterious suitcase with a microchip in the backyard of the school. Instead of reporting it to the police, the student decides to keep it. Later throughout the day, the school is then raided by some mysterious people and everyone is taken. Students and teachers of the school then wake up in different parts of the world, who are recruited instantly by the people of the organization (known as IWAFA (International Worldwide Anomaly Fixture Agency) in the story) and are given random tasks to fight injustice and save the world from such threats. 

  The writer and former Village student, Lewis, took inspiration from many action movies such as the Kingsman series, Django Unchained, James Bond movies, The Adventures of Tintin and some Marvel movies as well. He also took inspiration from drama movies as well such as Call of the Wild. But outside of movies, he also took inspiration from Marvel’s newest series Moon Knight, and 2015 survival horror game Monstrum. With all of these as reference points combined with his own experiences as a Village student, an epic story has been crafted. 

The Adventure: Plot Synopsis

The story is divided into 13 chapters, including the prologue and the epilogue. The prologue goes as mentioned before: a student discovers a briefcase and a microchip in the backyard of the Village School and soon the entire school is taken by IWAFA and each of the students and teachers are sent to parts throughout the world to deal with threats that need to be dealt with. The first chapter, Little London, is about Principal Steph Goldenberg, and a group of students and teachers are taken to London and tasked with taking down a secret criminal organization that is stealing priceless relics. Knights of Horus, the second chapter, follows another group of students and teachers in Egypt are tasked by IWAFA to hunt down a cult who perform acts of violence and attacks to appease the Egyptian god of violence, Set. The third chapter: Shinobis, focuses around a group of students and teachers in Japan who are trained by IWAFA to become ninjas, or shinobis as they are called in the chapter, and put the rise of crime to a halt in the beautiful country of Japan. Chapter four: Cold Lands, is about another group who are given the task of putting a cooling pole in the center of Antarctica and prevent it from melting even more. The fifth chapter, Cowboys and Native Americans, focuses around another group in Western America who are given the goal of preventing a gang war between a gang of cowboys and an innocent town of Native Americans. Chapter six, Enemies Are Always Near, focuses on another group as they are tasked with capturing Russian Spies who are said to be entering Alaska to the United States. Alone At Sea, chapter seven, might be the scariest chapter of them all, as it focuses on a group of five, three students and two teachers, who are trapped on a large cargo ship, but something happened while IWAFA was transporting them to their country for their task, leaving them as the only survivors of the thing that attacked the ship. It’s up to them to find a way off the ship and survive against whatever horrors might be lurking aboard. Chapter eight, Hunting Grounds, is about a group in Africa with the task of protecting an endangered species from predators and hunters. Chapter nine, Silver Vs Gold, follows IWAFA giving a group a task of retrieving 500 kilograms of gold before a group of advanced thieves get to it first. I would continue towards the end of the story, but Lewis told me that he didn’t want to spoil all of the story to the entire Village School, so the second to last chapter, the final chapter, and the prologue are all up to you to interpret.


Conclusion and Interpretation


   So, my thoughts? I’m excited for this book, and so should you! The plot of the book sounds very interesting, and Lewis has told me that the action in the story will keep you interested for hours, wanting you to read more of its intriguing story.