Grant, The Star

Grant Katz, lives a demanding life. He starred in two movies in 2023’s Village School Exhibition.

El Schader

Katz starred in 2023’s films, “Writer’s Block” and “Small.”

Many students wanted to know, how does he do it?

He starts his day by telling his alarm clock that he is too cool for it– why? Well, he is a star. Other than that, he tries to keep his morning simple among his otherwise frivolous lifestyle. 

Grant’s dog, Royal

Once he comes home from school, he takes out his Pomeranian, “Royal.” He feels she amplifies his true nobility. He can also be found among common folks at many flea markets and antique stores. 

Other than his dog, he feels the only thing as good as him is mother nature herself. So, you can find him occasionally climbing a tree and exploring the woods.

“I really look up to him,” a student said when asked if they were looking forward to the movies, “he is a true icon.” So the real question is, what’s next? Will Grant be the star of the 2024 Exhibition as well? 

All he could tell us about his future acting career is that he will probably not be in future movies (unclear if this has to do with a lack of control that allegedly made a director cry). When reflecting on the films, he said, “I’m just upset I wasn’t able to play all the characters.”