MMA Fighters Offer Protection to Drag Queens in Reactions to Threats


El Schader

Following many threats and a cancelled drag brunch, a group of MMA fighters offered to keep Drag Queens and patrons safe at the event in West Virginia. 

The event was meant to be on Sunday, February 26 at Primanti Bros a restaurant and bar in Triadelphia, West Virginia. The event was organized by S&S productions who updated the initial announcement to alert people of the cancelation.

 “Unfortunately due to the amount of threats towards Primantis, the entertainers, & sometimes even patrons, we’ve decided for the safety of everyone involved to cancel the event”.

The brunch was only two tables away from being sold out. S&S expressed hope of a future event in the area.

In response to the cancellation, Jonathan Haught—the owner of Ohio Valley MMA in Wheeling—West Virginia offered to stand guard with his trainees so the event can go on in peace. The event has not been rescheduled yet.

This cancellation comes after a long line of Drag related hate. A GLAAD article written late last year summarized the abundance of Anti-Drag attacks in 2022. There were 141 attacks in 47 states (the count may be higher and just not have received adequate media coverage).