State Stereotypes Part 2! (Part 1 Made by Jack Galowski)

Warning: Also looking to offend! Please don’t take this seriously, thank you.

State Stereotypes Part 2! (Part 1 Made by Jack Galowski)

Jack McCarthy

Part 2 of the comedic state stereotypes, with the first one made by Jack Galowski!

Here are more states characterized by widely-held stereotypes.



At least there’s fishing.


Walking in a Winter Wonderland. I can’t see, by the way.


It’s healthier than drugs (kind of)!

North Carolina

If you’ve come for this, welcome! But you might also want to get out.


About what I expected. You can just search up the rest.

Only in Ohio…

Rhode Island

Huh, I’d thought you’d be bigger.


You’re moving here? What are you a government investigator?


The main reason Alaska isn’t fully abandoned.


Welcome to Kansas, where the weather is awesome!

West Virginia

Let’s see, there’s mountains, Mothman, and more mountains.


For breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Part 3, anyone?