New Long Island RailRoad Additions Makes People Go Off the Rails


Seth Elghanayan

Beginning on 27th of February, a new LIRR trains schedule went into effect. This new schedule is due to new lines to Grand Central Station in Manhattan. One of the reasons LIRR expanded to Grand Central is to reduce round-trip travel time by 40 minutes. This was supposed to be done in 2009 but it took over a decade longer with a pricey cost of over $11 billion, around $3.5 billion for each track and triple the projected price.

Even though this project cut down the round-trip travel time by around 40 minutes, it still has negative impacts on people as schedules and train cars have changed. The new addition to the LIRR is leaving people to complain about overcrowding due to there being less train cars on certain routes. There are also delays in travel time, complaints state they have been up to 6 minutes late.

Have you encountered any travel issues? If so…

  1. Visit and scroll to the bottom of the page to get in contact and leave a complaint. After enough complaints hopefully something will be done.
  2. Look up name of your district representative and send them an email asking for help to fix these problems.