Village College Application Process: Do SAT Scores Matter?


Charles Rabus, Editor

Applying to colleges from Village School is a little different than from a traditional high school. Not having grades means that SAT or ACT scores, along with Regents, and other standardized tests are the only numbers colleges will get to look at. But what’s first in the Village College application process? 


Since Covid affected many student’s opportunities to take the SAT, colleges have begun to view and weigh SAT scores differently. Many colleges even stating they now prefer to look mainly at grades and the rigor of a student’s classes. But with Village, colleges don’t get grades to look at, making the SAT one of the most important score colleges will receive.

Village offers a free, 40 minute a day, SAT prep class for all students planning to take the exam. This is your greatest tool. The SAT Prep class offers students over 50 hours of practice before the June SAT, a resource that would cost well over $1,000 to do outside of school.

Senior Narrative

The summer before senior year, students are told to write a 3-5 page paper on their high school experience. This paper explains why students transfer from their traditional school to Village and highlights what Village is and how it benefits students. The Senior Narrative is another great tool in the student’s application process.

College Writing

The first semester of senior year, students planning on applying to college will be enrolled in College Writing. College Writing is a class with Lauren that goes through the college application process, writing college essays, filling out the common app, and finalizing the Senior narrative.

Optional – AP Classes

While Village doesn’t directly offer Advanced Placement classes, neighboring schools Great Neck North and South both other a wide variety of AP classes for students to choose from. These are optional but may help your chances of getting into the college of your choice.

The Common App

The Common App is an application form used by more than 1000 colleges and universities. It greatly speeds up the college application process by consolidating all of a student’s general information into one form. The College Writing class at Village will go through the entire common app step by step.

So Do SAT Scores Matter?

In short, yes. Getting a good score on the SAT will only help your chances of getting into the college of your choice, especially if you chose not to take AP classes. But remember, you only have to report the SAT scores that you want to report. You can take it as many times as you’d like and only submit your best math and English section to each college.