New Store in Great Neck: Tous Les Jours


Tova Shafran

The talk of the town is a new bakery called Tous Les Jours! This place is a Korean-owned chain! It has some of the most delicious pastries I’ve had in a long time! They have a delectable treat called blueberry cloud cake! And lots of other yummy things as well!

Tous Les Jours bakes fresh every morning and not only has pastries and treats but an assortment of beverages too. They have a delightful hot chocolate with the perfect flavor, not sweet but not overly bitter. They also have iced and hot Coffee, smoothies, and an assortment of teas.

Food-wise, everything is fantastic! They have plenty of cakes, macaroons, and all the best bread. This bakery has a whole milk loaf, a Purple Sweet Potato Loaf, a custard bun, and potato cheese bread. That’s not all, though! There is so much more on the menu, like these pastries! They have Blueberry Jam Mont Blan,c Pastries, they, of course, have croissants, and they have a fruit pastry that I tried, and it was spectacular

Chocolate croissant and the fruit pastry

Tous Les Jours also has an assortment of cakes, including the blueberry cloud cake, which is rave-worthy! If blueberries aren’t your thing, they have many other options like the Earl Grey Latte Cake, Strawberry Cloud Cake, and the Choco Cloud Cake.

Blueberry cloud cake