P5X: Just Another Money Grab


The Persona series is a JRPG game from the company Atlus. There are five entries in the series, each game following a different storyline. The overall theme is to break away from society and to be your true self by overcoming hardships with your friends.

Atlus has a habit of milking each game for money until they can’t anymore. For Persona 4, they released dancing games and an arena fighting game similar to Super Smash Bros. This wouldn’t be too big of an issue since these games have special characters and a cohesive plot, but it is a very obvious grab for money. Recently, Atlus released a spinoff of Persona 5 called P5X. P5X is a gacha game, a genre that focuses explicitly on a “toy vending machine” loot system; spend in-game currency to receive random in-game loot.

The issue with companies such as Atlus releasing so many spinoffs of the main game is that its sole purpose is to earn more money rather than to develop anything creative: the format is a “gacha game” more than anything else. Instead of making new, fresher content for new and old fans of the series or even rereleasing old games to make them easier to play, Atlus creates cop-out games that serve little to no purpose to the storyline.