Quinn McCarthy: The Funniest Kid In the School


Jack McCarthy

If you’re a new student at Village School, you may have heard small sounds echoing in the hallways. If you follow the sounds and pinpoint their source, you’ll find that it is coming from the iPad of the funniest kid in the school, Quinn. 

But who is Quinn McCarthy?

Sophomore Quinn McCarthy is the younger brother of Senior Jack McCarthy; he joined the Village School community in September 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic. He decided to attend Village because the school seemed attractive to him and a more appropriate environment than the large, bustling North High School. In last year’s yearbook, Quinn was voted the funniest kid in the school, even though in the picture, he’s frowning.

There is no doubt that Quinn is the funniest kid in the school. But what makes him so funny? He makes the weirdest yet most amusing remarks in almost any situation. Last year in one of his science classes, he and the rest of the class were given the assignment to dissect a fish, and Quinn examined its eyes. He said to the class, “Look! Can you see me now?” And although a disgusting little joke, the whole class burst out laughing. His responses to his critical iPad usage are also hilarious, as he responds by telling the teacher to turn their iPad off or something else, which makes the students and the teachers laugh altogether. He’s also very quirky, as he is a huge fan of SpongeBob, the Loud House, and wears shirts in the coldest weather, which is already funny and weird enough. He also used to celebrate President Lincoln’s birthday almost every year, which weirdly shows his love for history.

‘Why are you so funny?’ ‘Because I am.’

— Quinn responding as to why he’s so funny

But even after all that, what does he plan to do after his senior year? When Village School is no longer blessed with his humor? After his sophomore year, Quinn has decided to go to BOCES during the weekend, where he will learn how to code and make his video games. And when he finishes high school, he intends to go to Maritime College, where he wants to study what his mother teaches, how to drive, operate, and sailboat.