Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken

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Quinn McCarthy

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken is a new DreamWorks animated film about 16- year old Ruby Gillman (Gillman is a reference to what the creature of the Black Lagoon used to be called: Gill-Man), who learns that she is in the next line of sea krakens.

Despite her destiny, she is desperate to fit in at Oceanside High School. Ruby struggles even more to fit in when her mother forbids her to go down to the beach. After disobeying her mothers rules, she discovers that she is a descendant of the warrior kraken queen and will ascend to the throne as the warrior queen of the Seven Seas, her grandmother. The krakens are a race sworn to protect the ocean from the power hungry mermaids by battling for eons. Ruby will need to embrace herself to fight Chelsea, who turns out to be a mermaid-turned-human who enrolls at Oceanside High School.

The film will be released on June 30, which is the same day that the new Indiana Jones movie comes out. It was first announced in 2021 as Meet the Gillmans, but was changed earlier this year in 2023 and the film’s trailer was released on March 16th.