Class spotlight: Natural Disasters


Mar Jacobi

At Village, we offer many courses you may not see at other schools. One of the classes is natural disasters, where we learn about violent natural events outside our control and how they have impacted civilizations.

I interviewed the class’s teacher, Megan Wilvert, and here’s what she says.

“Landslides, tornados, blizzards, oh my! This course covers all things natural disasters. This class delves into the driving forces behind natural disasters, and those disasters ultimately impact communities. We started the year off with seismic activity, which included earthquakes and tsunamis. Next, we’ve looked at severe weather, such as tornadoes and hurricanes. We plan on looking at drought and flash floods and the ways they can intensify wildfires. If we have time, we’ll delve into volcanoes as well.”

There are currently 14 students in this class, making this a very popular class for village!