Village Lore: Toby the Cat


Quinn McCarthy

Next time you are walking through the gym, approaching Megan’s room– look up. Way up. On top of the metal vent- thingy, you will see a pillow on the top of the fan that is, in fact,”Toby the Cat.”  I know it doesn’t look like a cat from below, but it is– a plush, stuffed cat with a weighted bottom.

It’s barely visible- but there it is: Toby the Cat!

So who- or what- is Toby the Cat?

Teachers estimate that around 3 years ago a student thought it would be a good idea to throw it on the top of the fan and it has been up there ever since.   Before this move, Toby the Cat would be randomly positioned in spots all over Village.  It was mostly moved by other teachers, and sometimes students.

The cat originally was given to the former science teacher, Tobias Hattan (hence the name, Toby) as an end of year thank you token.  The student’s parent was known for giving eclectic and unusual gifts to teachers, and Toby the Cat stood out as one of the most unique.  The reason why it is still around Village is because it became a sort of quirky mascot, much like our skeleton dude who sits in the gym. For a couple of years, Lauren says, “it was fun to see where he would randomly pop up.”

But now, we need to rescue him!  Lauren and Steve are currently planning a rescue mission- so stay tuned and keep your eyes open!