Bridge & Pizza


Photo by sophomore, Seth Elghanayan

Grant Katz

Village School has many traditions: one of them is our “bridge trip,” where we walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Formerly, Village students and staff would walk over the Manhattan Bridge as well, but because of changes to when busses can leave and return to school, we don’t have the time to walk both anymore. But, we have continued the tradition of getting pizza from the famous Brooklyn pizzerias, Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s. Grimaldi’s Pizza was started by Patsy Grimaldi in 1990. He eventually retired and sold the business along with its name. He then decided to get back in the industry, though he could no longer use the name Grimaldi’s, so instead, he named it after his mother Juliana, and now the two coexist. 

“I like both, but the sauce on Juliana’s pizza was better!”

— Tova Shafran

As we do each year, after taste testing both pizzas, we voted on which we felt was the best. In the end, they got 12 votes each, making it a tie.

Pullquote Photo

I think Grimaldi’s is better because Juliana’s sauce is to sweet

— Charles

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8/10 pizza

— Quinn