Village School Students: Summer Jobs Aren’t a Thing of the Past


Val Lubetsky

In general, people expect most teenagers to get summer jobs to occupy their break, but what percentage of teenagers are actually employed? Studies show that teenaged employment rates dropped because of Covid and haven’t risen back up. How many students here at Village are working this summer, and what kind of jobs are most popular?

Of students who responded to a survey, 66% of Village students plan on getting jobs this summer. Of the percentage who are planning on working this summer, the most common jobs are lifeguarding or working in the retail/service industries. The second most popular summer plans for Village students are traveling or attending summer camp.

Village students are ahead of the curve according to an article published on “Researchers at Drexel University’s Center for Labor Markets and Policy said [in a May 2022 report] that an average of 33% of youths ages 16 to 19 [were] employed each month from June through August, the highest such rate since 34% in the summer of 2007.”