Game Overview: “Escape The Backrooms”


Quinn McCarthy

Escape The Backrooms is a 1-4 player horror game where players have to survive different levels deep inside the backrooms while keeping their sanity. There are lots of levels, such as “Run for Your Life,” “The End,” The Poolrooms,” and “Fun.”  There are 4 difficulties in the game: easy mode, normal mode, hard mode, and nightmare mode. 

Breaking Down the Levels 

The End: This level takes place in a small library.  The entity in this one is called The Scratcher, a skinny gray humanoid with red glowing eyes who crawls on the floor– you can’t see him, but you can hear him. In the level, you need to look around for 24 video tapes, but from time to time the lights will turn off, so you can just borrow a flashlight or use the fire alarm to distract the creature.  It turns off after a short amount of time, but once you find all the tapes, you put them in the computer then the monster will disappear.  As for you, a white portal will appear to transport you to the next level. 

Fun: This level takes place in birthday party rooms with plastic tables to hide underneath. It is always important to crouch in this level as the entities, known as ‘partygoers,’ are yellow humanoids with drawn smiley faces on their faces. 

The Poolrooms: This level is possibly the most peaceful one and is devoid of entities. It takes place with what looks like pool tiles all around you and weird shapes with some water on the ground. After this level, you will move onto…. 

Run For Your Life:  This level takes place in an abandoned hospital, but everything is red you will have to run as a hoard of entities chases you from behind.  You will have to dodge obstacles that come in your way to make it to the next level.

The items in this game have snacks to boost your energy and almond water to keep your sanity stable. These items are all round in some levels so it is important to stock up on almond water because if you lose your sanity, you will die in the game. 

The game is priced at $10 on Steam.