Newspaper Staff on Strike

On top of a salary we should receive benefits including dental, healthcare, and all medical insurance. We should also receive extra School Credits.”

— Jenny Jia

Dear Villager,

I, Charles Rabus, am writing this article on behalf of the Villager Editing Staff.

Last year, Lauren appointed me as Student Editor of the Villager. At the time, there was only a handful of contributors, and editing articles was split between Lauren and me. This year, Lauren asked me to join the Newspaper once again. The number of contributors for the Villager has more than doubled, and Lauren took a step back from helping edit articles to work on other classes. Because of this, I had to ask Jenny to join the editing staff and bring in El as a creative editor to assist in coming up with ideas and designs. (El has since been fired for unrelated reasons) Together, Jenny and I were still barely able to keep up with the number of articles needing to be edited and published. Lauren was still reluctant to help.

So what exactly does Lauren get paid for? Without me and Jenny the Villager would not function. 

As of today, Monday, May 8th, 2023, the editing staff of the Villager Newspaper is going on strike until we are fairly compensated for our work. 

Using public records of Lauren Sullivan’s salary and the number of hours spent working on the Villager, we, the staff, have determined that we should be paid a wage of $30 per hour, equating to $1800 for the semester each. Or around one-quarter of Lauren’s estimated salary during the Journalism class, either in the form of cash/cash equivalent or scholarships.

While we would prefer to receive payment, we understand that may be too much to ask for—so we have determined that an acceptable form of compensation would be one free snack per day from Ronnie’s snack closet, as well as fours across the board on our reports. Additionally, we would like Lauren to open her living room as a work space for when work must be completed outside of class time (complimentary snacks included).

The Villager Editing Staff will resume running the Villager once these demands are met.



Charles Rabus, Jenny Jia, and El Shader

The Villager Editing Staff