Charles Rabus, Editor

On April 24th the cooking class at Village made biscuits! We made two different batches, one plain, and one with chocolate chips to give it an extra flare. The Chefs for the day were Salem, Jessie, and Jonah. We started by measuring our dry ingredients into a large bowl, being sure to sift everything first. We then chopped the butter into thin pieces and mixed it into the dry ingredients before slowing mixing in the milk. After the milk was fulling mixed in we kneaded the dough lightly and rolled it out. Unfortunately we didn’t have a proper biscuit cutter, thankfully we were able to improvise and used the lid of a jar that was roughly the right size!

After cutting out the biscuits we laid them on a baking sheet. This is where we split them into two batches. On one baking sheet we pressed chocolate chips into the top while on the other, we left the plain. We then baked at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes, let them cool off, and enjoyed!