Great Neck’s Congressional Representative Charged With Fraud, Money Laundering, and More

Ethan Han

George Santos was often left sitting alone during Congressional sessions.

This Wednesday, George Santos, who represents New York’s 3rd Congressional District, pleaded not guilty to 13 federal counts including wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds, and lying to the U.S. House.

Additionally, the New York republican is also under fire for fabricating his whole entire campaign biography. He never worked for Goldman Sachs, does not have any Jewish ancestry, and never ran pet charities. He has continually responded to those questioning his truthfulness by stating he only embellished his story and never broke any laws.

Furthermore, Santos was accused of obtaining unemployment benefits fraudulently. He applied for and received over $24,000 in unemployment benefits whilst still being employed. At the time, he was a regional director of a Florida- based investment firm with a salary of $120,000.

Santos was also accused of using campaign contributions to pay personal debts and buy designer clothing.