Banning Abortions Doesn’t Stop Abortions– It Just Stops Safe Ones

Banning Abortions Doesnt Stop Abortions-- It Just Stops Safe Ones

Val Lubetsky

With Roe v. Wade overturned, states have been left to create their own policies and laws surrounding abortions.

However, banning abortion or creating restrictions for readily available clinics does not fix the issue of terminating unwanted pregnancies; it just takes away the safe option.

Only about 55% of abortions performed worldwide are safe. Unsafe abortions can be defined as procedure performed by non-professionals in an unsanitary or unprofessional environment. Another more common method of abortion is purposefully ingesting harmful or toxic herbs in order to terminate the pregnancy. These are unsafe because ingesting toxins can not only harm the fetus but can hurt the one carrying the baby and lead to health issues either immediately after taking said herbs or in the future. Some methods of unsafe abortions can even compromise a person’s ability to have children in the future.

The only safe options for termination are by taking a pill prescribed by a professional or getting the medical procedure.

Banning medically safe abortions will force many women to desperately turn to unsafe methods, risking harm to themselves.