Protecting The Right To Choose (INTRO ARTICLE)

El Schader, Creative Editor

Dear Reader,

The articles you are about to read will bring attention to fundamental issues about many structures of society. They all culminate in why people deserve the right to choose what they do with their body. The topics will range from the importance that misogyny stays out of doctors’ offices to how no forms of contraception work 100% of the time.

I have now written three different intro articles to kick off the series. One focused on an extreme case of what happens when abortions are not available, and another expressed my anger and fear; neither felt right. So, I finally landed here: a straightforward note to the reader explaining my thought process and intention in creating this series. 

Some articles will be opinion-based, but the majority will be facts and numbers with some important questions at the end that are worth considering. This is a right-now issue and you deserve to be informed on why and what makes it so important. I also hope knowledge will compel you to join the fight because what started out as one article about one Mom with health issues brought light to a myriad of other fundamental issues for me.

Villager Writers who feel it is a more complicated issue

  • We would like to address the fact that this is a reproductive rights issue, as well as a woman’s rights issue. I want to acknowledge the trans men and nonbinary people who deal with this. Fighting together only makes up stronger.