All about Electric Daisy Carnival


Ethan Han


Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is a globally famed musical festival. It started in 1997 as a warehouse party in Los Angeles, produced by CEO and founder Pasquale Rotella. Ever since, it became an international sensation of live music experience.

Structure & Pricing

EDC is a multi day event, pushing the standards and imagination of a live entertainment event. It incorporates a carnival like atmosphere, amazing stage production, and world class talented EDM artists. EDC Las Vegas is the largest dance music festival in North America. EDC also takes place annually in Mexico and Orlando.

The age requirement is 18+, but 21+ to be able to drink. General admission provides you every basic thing for a smooth experience, and tickets start from $399. General admission + tickets gives you expedited entry and premium restrooms.

Tickets start from $539. VIP tickets give you dedicated viewing decks and dance areas, lounge space, and VIP ferris wheel. Tickets start from $799. All day passes cost $399.


One performance that especially stood out to me was Lil Texas, because he came onto stage fully naked—covering his genitals with only a cowboy hat—which completely shocked me. This is probably one of the many reasons why the event is 18+. I spent a total of around $5000–which might seem expensive, but this is including the hotel, food, flight tickets, and shuttles. There are dedicated shuttles for EDC, which is the best option of travel. You pay one price: no surge pricing. It is always there to take you home, so no need for Uber’s or similar car riding services. The shuttle price is $129. All in all, EDC is an amazing experience and I think everyone should go.