ChatGPT: Villagers Weigh In


Ethan Han

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that can write lyrics, business pitches, compose music, answer test questions, and write essays. The rise of ChatGPT has raised ethical concerns in the education system that include the increased risk of students using the software to cheat and/or plagiarize written work, resulting in a decline in effort from students. The over reliance of ChatGPT may affect a student’s ability to think critically and problem solve.  What do Village students and teachers think about this emerging technology?

I don’t know too much about it besides what is posted on the internet, but I’m afraid that people aren’t going to learn how think for themselves in the future.

— Lisa

I think it does have a place and a use, but as far as in the education sector, students have a specific way of writing. Students tend to write how they speak, so if their work is reading vastly different from how they speak, it is a red flag. However, I think it can be useful to kids learning how to communicate with each other or people in general.

— Megan

It’s slowly extinguishing the already dwindling skill of critical thinking, something that should be developed in high school. Media literacy among youth is at an all-time low already, due to the fleeting, sensationalist nature of platforms such as TikTok, and I’m afraid the reliance on such a tool will produce mindless, even heartless generations.

— Jenny